Visual Templates

Visual Templates / Canvasses

Below you’ll find an overview of templates and canvasses I use and have used in various situations that I would like to share. They can be helpful in Graphic Facilitation Meetings, or Visual Consultancy processes. Download them and use them in work situations, workshops, etc. And please let me know if and how they were helpfull. If you want to change anything please be so kind to ask for permission.

Visual Briefing/ Expedition Canvas

Based on the one-page-military-missions and various small expeditions I wanted a one sheet working horse were the projects can be assessed beforehand, can function as an overview during and can be used in a restrospective situation. Started as a direct translation from the D-day mission maps for business. The latest redesign (added the timeline and various resources) came after a trip (expedition) near the border of Ukraine to drop of humanitarian goods for the refugees stationed in Poland, coming from Ukraine. 

Visual Briefing / Expedition Canvas v1.2

Visual Briefing (Original concept template)

Business Model Canvas

The original version featured in the book Business Model Generation, is a bit redesigned to make it easier to draw in it.

Business Model Canvas

Mobile innovation Canvas

The simplest canvas available in the world. But, oh so effective. It combines the various people and elements in the world of projects, and business. Without heart and energy there will be less creativity. And if you have tapped into  your creative power never stop but test and execute! Closing the loop is essential to have learnings, which you can use in future loops.

This canvas prooved its value in a lot of different situations. Where the people who were using it gained insight and steered small and big challenges in their lives. From a difficult discussion with a manager, to a role changing situation.

Mobile Innovation Canvas

Coming Soon:

Comic Report

Originally started as Big Comic, because it was actually an oversized 4 page comic book, being produced on the fly, now is a template which you can use for a visual report. Hence the name Comic Report.

Comic Report (A0, pdf)

Comic Report (A4, pdf, blueprint /for non repro purpose)

Font: Comic Report Sans (.otf)

Visual Notes Brand Piramid (Blank)

Empathy/Persona Map

Font: Visual Notes (.otf)

Visual Academy Cheat sheet

Poster: Visual Notes, Why?