Visual Meeting – A LAB Amsterdam Gamestorm

An interactive meeting with creative entrepreneurs working in the A Lab building Amsterdam on the shore of the IJ. Together with Boukje Cnossen we were responsible for the program.

The building’s perfect day.

Wytze takes the floor and explains the exercise. What if….? You are a building! We will think about what would be the perfect day if one were the building. How would the building wake up? What would the building do first thing? We will visualise our thoughts with the materials provided. We will present our ideas in a snappy mind blowing one minute presentation of your perfect day as A LAB in Amsterdam.

Your perfect day as a creative entrepreneur. 

This exercise is similar to the previous one, but now everyone takes their human perspective. What would their perfect day include? Who would they run into? What would they do throughout the day? Nothing is impossible. Also, the building does not stop at the walls, we can include the immediate environment. Participants present their ideas and will put them up on the wall.




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