Bucketlist of books

Are you excited about visuals!? Ok! Then start reading these books. If you haven’t already.

In each book there is usually more information about other books you might find interesting. Or other books form the author. So get reading and start drawing! Maybe next time I’ll share my bucket list of youtube video’s.

Sketchnote / Visual Notes

Sketchnote Handbook – Mike Rohde
Back Of The Napkin – Dan Roam
Visual Notes – Kim Ravers
Graphic Recording – Anna Lena Schiller
Napkin Sketch Workbook – Don Moyer
Visualizing Ideas – Gregor Krisztian
Doodle generation – Sunni Brown
Visual Meetings – David Sibbet

Visual Thinking

Visual Thinking – Rudolph Arnheim
From hieroglyphics to Isotype: a visual autobiography – Otto Neurath
Envisioning Information – Edward R.Tufte
Visual Thinking – Colin Ware
More Things Like This – Mc Sweeney

Creativity / Business Model

Gamestorming – Dave Gray
Business model canvas – Business model generation

Product Design

Sketching – Koos Eissen
Delft Design Drawing
Basisboek voor handtekenen – Koen Terra

Comics and sequential art

Understanding Comics – Scott-McCloud
Making Comics-Scott-McCloud
Comics and sequential art – Will Eisner
Cartooning – Ivan Brunetti
Stripfiguren Tekenen – Jack Hamm
Strips en Cartoon tekenen – Teleac

Letters and Typography

Sign Painting Course – E.C. Matthews
Introduction To Lettering – Alan Greer

Graphic Design/ Advertising

Hier Openen – Paul Mijksenaar
Los Logos – Buro Destruct
A Map Of The World
The Fundamentals Of Creative Advertising – Burtenshaw
2 Kilo – KesselsKramer

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