MeetingsVisual Meetings

Visual meetings are meetings where visual aids are used. If you decide to have a meeting with a group of people to (co-) create, brainstorm, or just throw ideas around make it a Visual Meeting.

This is also very easy to do. Step out of your normal use of sentences on flip charts and start using models, maps and other visual aids. Create highly interactive meetings by using visuals made by participants themselves. You can make ideas come to life, create overviews, get more insight in emotions in groups and a lot more. Every business has it’s own range of possibilities to make meetings more visual.

“I now see what you mean. I came in this morning not knowing where we are going. Now I have clarity and actually see the path we are on. Thanks!”

This is what we often get as feedback from clients, at the end of a visual meeting.

Meetings can be so much more productive, effective and plain fun if you make them more visual and interactive. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to discuss any program or draft you are working on right now!

Here’s an example of a Visual Meeting we did at A Lab Amsterdam.