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Visual Notes is one of the terms used for notes that are more visual than normal notes. They are also known as graphic recording, graphic harvesting, sketch notes or visual harvesting and are often used with visual facilitation (visual meeting). It’s a visual translation of information. It is what your brain likes best if you want to make a better connection with the information provided!

Visual Notes are notes that are visual. I know that’s not so hard to imagine. But there is a big difference from the notes you normally make. You normally pen down as much words as you can right? And when you read them back sometimes you remember what was said, or meant.

Or you write down tag words. But if you try to read your notes at a later stage, you don’t remember what the context was surrounding that one word!

A Visual Note is a drawing combining the power of words and images. You choose which one works best for the subject you are working on.

You translate, summarize and compress information. Your brain loves it!

Big Notes

Notes on a wall, large piece op paper. Very useful with large groups for example a seminar on a certain subject. Highly visible and inspirational for participants. And something that can be shared during or afterwards.

UMCG - Live endoscopy dag

UMCG – Live endoscopy dag

Small Notes

Notes made in a notebook or a sketchbook. The presence of the notetaker is not so obvious. This is particularly useful in group sessions where the presentation of information must be handled with care.


Custom Notes

If you want to tryout different materials or sizes of notes please get in touch. We love to work with you on different solutions and materials. If it suits you better we’ll go with that!

And even though it’s a one way street of information (instead of Visual Meetings) there is already a change in the way you work when you use Visual Notes instead of normal notes.

Give us a call when you find it hard to decide which one you should use. Or if you want more information.

If you wild like to have more interaction with your participants please make you way to Visual Meetings.