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Yes you can draw. You have been doing it for years and years. You started when you were very young! And you liked it. Now you don’t like it anymore. You stopped believing you can draw. Because someone told you “it’s not beautiful” or you started saying “I can not draw” when you pick up a pencil and draw something to convey a message to somebody else.

It’s not about beautiful it’s about functional – It’s not about art, it’s about reward.

The reward you get when you start using both sides of your brain again. And your fingers to make something an image that is useful. On an actual piece of paper.

Our offer

In the academy section we offer a one day training and other educational products. So you can get acquainted again, with your own style. Ugly or neat, precise or radical, beautiful or bold! Whatever your style is …. You’ve got what it takes!

Group training: Back to the drawing board.

Our group training “Back to the drawing board” get’s you going again. We tap into your visual education again. A whole day of drawing exercises, cartoons, perspective, letters, icons, logo’s etcetera, etcetera. Maps, models, templates, charts….

You name it, you can draw it!

Training: One on One.

Our training “One on One” is for people who want to dive in the visual world on a more personal level. We will make a custom program that will fill your needs. Exploring from experience you have.

Please get in touch for reservations and availability.