Visual Notes website up and running

RunningpencilThere a couple of words that are used to describe the same service. In this post I name a few.

Visual Notes Big can also be called wall harvest, graphic recording, graphic harvesting or wall doodle (Sunni Brown).

Visual Notes Small can also be referred to as sketch note (Mike Rohde) or doodle (Sunni Brown).

Visual Meetings is well know through the book “Visual Meetings” by Grove consultancy David Sibbet. But can also be called graphic facilitation or interactive meeting.

Video scribe are these video’s on youtube where a well written speech is translated visually in a whiteboard look and feel. The most famous production firm is RSA animate.

There are a lot of new companies emerging who are working more and more visually. And while there are similarities there are also differences between the terms used. They usually have the same purpose; To inform in a visual way.



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