wytzeveenstraWytze Veenstra (founder)

Has always been drawing. But has also worked in the advertising industry for quite some time. Now combining the power of conceptual thinking and working visually in Visual Notes – a visual thinking company.

Maarten Kersten

Has proven to be an excellent drawer as well as an conceptual and visual thinker.


Off course we work together with artists businessmen and women, strategic thinkers all more or less visual thinkers and practitioners

About visualisation

It’s a bright summers day. No, better yet it’s freezing cold. It’s winter. November or early december. But there isn’t any snow. Your breath is like little clouds coming out of your mouth. You are playing soccer with a couple of friends from your class in the schoolyard. The buzzer goes to let you know you have to come in.You kick the ball one more time. It flies over the goalie and bounces of the wall so hard it makes his ears ring.

We believe visuals helps to imagine. Everybody has his own visuals. If you let somebody else read the story above it will probably be different from yours. But how can you check this? In words? Maybe, but it will be hard. Now, if you both could paint like Rembrandt with the speed of Bob Ross, would it be difficult to check this?

It would probably be a little easier. We believe visuals help. So why not make them yourself?

Before Visual Notes was… well… NOT Visual Notes



Wytze started working for and with Modelminds in 2011. Manuel Sturm and Oscar Westra van Holthe, founders of Modelminds, shifted their activities more to coaching and training companies in being “Radical Honest” and less to drawing. Although still believing in Visual Thinking and working more visually. Wytze decide to start Visual Notes as a brand. The older work on this website is therefore signed with modelminds.nl.